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Growing Solid Relationships




Growing Solid Relationships




Welcome!  The Harbor Church officially launched on January 4th, 2015. Please join us and be a part of our new journey together.

The Harbor Church community desires is to equip everyone we meet with the tools to connect with and be successful in relationships with God, family, and friends, as well as the tools to connect with others. 
Many people are attempting to find happiness and satisfaction in pursuit of wealth, power, education, accomplishments, career, pleasure, and relationships, and have found these to still leave a void in their lives.  So, they are searching for more, and some for answers (Ecclesiastes).  Our purpose is to help everyone take his or her next step, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  As Jesus is our example, we are willing to take the first step in establishing new relationships with those around us, one person at a time – one family member, one neighbor, one coworker, one friend, one acquaintance (Matt 22:36-40; 28:18-20).
  Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups for all ages, 10:00 AM (Refreshments Served at 9:45 AM)
Sunday Morning Worship, 11:00 AM
Wednesday Evening Prayer & Devotion for all ages, 6:45 PM
      We have marked very important turning point in the current year-long message series, "A Glorious Mess."  Our calling as a church is stated in our motto, "Growing Solid Relationships."  Therefore, we turned to the New Testament Book of Ephesians, particularly chapters five and six, which is the Bible's prescription for the return to Eden, but better.  
For the last few weeks e have considered the fact we are at spiritual war (Ephesians 6:10ff.)  If one considers the context -- our relationship with God in Christ, with one's spouse, children, parents, and the larger community, particularly our work community -- one can see that these are not only the areas most vital to a life well lived, but the very areas the attack WILL come. Are you pushing into a headwind in these areas? Then join us on our journey together and realize the prescription for victory and joy. We hope to see you this week!
In the meantime please check out a message from 2007 which serves as a great introduction to the current message series at:

We are so blessed to have the talented brother and sister duo, Maddy and Dylan Walsh, a part of our praise team. What an honor!
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